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Karin Ecker Movie

THE WORKSHOPS ARE HOSTED BY KARIN ECKER, who has become a recognised birth advocate for women around the world as her birth story has inspired millions of people. (47 million hits on youtube trailer)


The film maker Karin Ecker has previously made a film titled ‘A BREECH IN THE SYSTEM’ a journey of her own quest to achieve a vaginal birth when she found out that her baby was breech.

This movie has become a teaching tool in colleges and universities in Australia and internationally. It was shown on TV in Austria where Karin originate from. The film has also inspired many women to access information about birth options and to take charge in their pregnancy and birth and ultimately achieve a healthy outcome for themselves and their babies.


Midwife Valerie Hamilton
Valerie Hamilton

Valerie is an experienced midwife , birth educator and yoga teacher of many years. Her passion for birth began the first time she saw a new born baby being born. She believes that pregnancy, birth and the postnatal period are a very special time in a woman’s life and that the ripple effects of a positive birth experience are far reaching into our society.


Rachel van Raak-Shine

Rachel, who is a registered Midwife has a background in Posture & Movement Therapy, Occupational Therapy and 10 years of facilitating Pre- and Postnatal Yoga Pilates. She has been facilitating Heart to Heart parenting groups for the past 5 years. Rachel is a mother of two and a stepmother of two. She has a great love and passion for guiding women and their families through the journey of pregnancy, birth and the early parenting years.
Rachel aims to support women to reconnect to their own wisdom so that they can birth and parent with trust, confidence and joy!